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Komodo Island Tour Packages

The Komodo island tour packages are our best tour arrangement to see the Komodo dragons. We offer the best tour packages from Labuan Bajo, Bali, and Lombok.

Komodo National Park has been one of the Indonesia main tourist destinations in the East Part. The magnification of the Komodo dragons is one of the reasons you need to visit.

To see the details and booking the tour, you need to visit Komodo island tour packages from Labuan Bajo. The Komodo tour package is offered at the best price and suitable to your budget.

Komodo island tour packages

The Best Komodo Island Tour packages

There are some recommended tour packages to Komodo island that you can take. Here on the following are the list of them:

  • 3 days Komodo island tour packages.
  • 2 days Komodo Explore from Labuan Bajo.
  • Full day Komodo island tour
  • 4 Days Komodo trip from Lombok
  • 7 days Komodo liveaboard from Bali.

We also offer the Sumba island tour packages, Lombok tour package, Flores tour package. Some of the tours also combine with the Komodo island tours.

The most of our tour packages are starting from Labuan Bajo. We offer a daily tour to Komodo National Park with the free hotel transfers in Labuan Bajo.

Getting to Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a small city located on the West Flores. It is the capital city of West Manggarai. The city is the main gate to enter the Komodo National Park.

There are many ways of getting to Labuan Bajo such as the following list:

  • Flight from Denpasar, Bali for 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Ferry from Bali or Lombok for about 2 days.
  • Pelni, the big ship from Bali and Lombok for 2 days.
  • Join the Komodo trip from Lombok.
  • Join the 7 days liveaboard from Bali.

The most of Komodo dragons are living on two main islands such as Rinca and Komodo island. While the other island also finds the habitat of Komodo, but not really a lot. Visit also our tour package to Komodo here and find the suite tours.

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