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Flores Island Trip Packages from Bali

Flores Island trip from Bali is one of the best tour packages to book on Flores Island. The tours to Flores Island can depart from Bali. It is based on a private tour arrangement.

A Flores tour from Bali offers daily departure. You can book a flight from Denpasar Bali to Maumere or Labuan Bajo. Once arrive in Flores Island, the tour agency team will pick you up from the airport.

You will also visit some of the beautiful places on the date you arrive in Flores. However, you can choose to start the Flores tours the next day. This will best option as you will not really be in hurry.

Flores tour package is also possible to combine with the Komodo island tour package from Bali or Labuan Bajo. This Flores Komodo tour is one of the best tour packages to join on Flores Island. It is based on private service.

Maumere is one of the towns located in east Flores Island. This town is a gateway to exploring Flores. From the airport in Maumere, you will able to visit Moni village, Kelimutu, and more places. Flores tour packages will accommodate your best travel experience on the island.

Labuan Bajo is located on the western tip of Flores Island. This small town is the main gateway to starting a Komodo island boat tour. Labuan Bajo also offers some beautiful places to visit including Goa Rangko cave.

The best Flores Island tour packages from Bali

For the best experience exploring Flores Island, on this page, you will find some of the best Flores tours. You can choose to go on a private or shared tour package. These tour packages to Flores Island depart from Bali.

7 days 6 nights Flores Komodo Island tour package from Bali. This tour will allow you to visit more places including Komodo National Park. You will fly from Bali to Maumere and then continue to visit Koka Beach and Moni village on the first day.

2 days 1-night Wae Rebo village tour package is one of the best Flores island tours from Labuan Bajo. This tour package will allow you to visit the authentic village of Wae Rebo in Manggarai, West Flores Island. You will also visit Lingko Lodok or Spider Web rice fields.

3 Days 2 nights Kelimutu Flores tour package from Maumere. This tour will connect your flight from Bali. The team from Flores tour will pick you up from the airport and continue to visit Koka Beach and Moni village. Next day you will visit Kelimutu volcano mountain.

6 days 5 night Kelimutu Komodo Tour package. This tour package will visit Komodo National Park. After that, you will continue to explore Flores Island for 3 days and 2 nights. You will start to explore the island from Labuan Bajo.

For more details on Flores tour packages and booking the activities, you can visit the page Flores Island tour package price from Labuan Bajo or Bali. There are also some tour arrangements for Komodo National Park, Alor tours, and Sumba island tour packages. You can enjoy exploring the island with a professional tour guide.

Recommended Places to Visit on Flores Island

Flores Island is famous for being the best tourist destination in Indonesia. This island offers beautiful landscapes and cultural diversity. The island is good to explore with an overland Flores tour package.

Wae Rebo village is a traditional village of the Manggarai tribe that is located in the west Flores island. This village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most recommended places to visit while joining a Flores island tour.

Kelimutu volcano mountain is a three-colored lake located on East Flores island. Kelimutu has three colors, blue, red, and chocolate. However, the colors may change sometimes. For the best trip to this volcano mountain, you will need to join a Kelimutu volcano tour for 3 days and 2 nights.

Bena Village is located in central Flores Island. This is one of the best tourist destinations to visit while you do a Flores tour package from Bali. You can experience the local life and enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Inerie.

Lingko Lodok is a spider web rice field located in Manggarai, West Flores island. This place is perfect to spend for sunset. You will need to trek about 20 minutes to the top of a small hill to find a great place to enjoy the view. The Wae Rebo Flores tour package will accommodate a visiting this place.

Goa Rangko Cave is one of the best caves where you can enjoy your day in Labuan Bajo, west Flores Island. This place is accessed by boat from Labuan Bajo. You can join a half-day tour package to enjoy Goa Rangko Cave.

Best Time to Visit Flores Island

Flores Island is one of the islands in Indonesia that is located in the East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. This island is surrounded by rain forest with amazing landscape views.

Indonesia has two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is coming from October to March every year. Meanwhile, the dry season is coming from April to September.

During the rainy season, the people on Flores Island will mostly go for agriculture. And during the dry season, it is time for them to harvest the rice field and other agriculture.

For the best time to visit the island, it is very recommended to go or join the tour to Flores during the dry season. However, you can also visit the island in some parts of the month during the rainy season. You can visit in November, December, and March.

Getting to Flores from Bali

There are flights operating daily from Bali to Flores Island. So it is very recommended to take a flight to Labuan Bajo or Maumere.

A flight from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo will take about one hour. And the flight from Denpasar to Maumere will take about 2 1/2 hours.

Another way to reach the island is by using a boat tour from Bali or Lombok. There is a boat adventure to Komodo from Lombok and Bali which departs two times a week. You can join this Komodo boat tour from Lombok.

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