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How to Listen to Emergency Transmission 02 in Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated space-faring RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios, offers players a vast universe to explore, filled with mysteries, quests, and unique encounters. One such encounter involves listening to emergency transmissions, like Emergency Transmission 02. These transmissions can provide critical information, hints, or even lead to new quests and adventures. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to listen to Emergency Transmission 02 in Starfield and make the most of this intriguing gameplay element.

The Significance of Emergency Transmissions in Starfield

Emergency transmissions in Starfield serve multiple purposes and add depth to the game’s narrative and exploration. Here’s why they are significant:

  1. Story Clues: Emergency transmissions often contain cryptic or distressing messages that hint at larger mysteries or storylines within the game. Listening to them can provide valuable context for your adventures.
  2. Quest Triggers: Some emergency transmissions may serve as quest triggers, leading you to new objectives, locations, or NPCs. Paying attention to these transmissions can help you discover hidden quests and missions.
  3. Survival and Resources: In a hostile universe, emergency transmissions can also serve as valuable sources of information about nearby resources, hazards, or opportunities for survival.

Listening to Emergency Transmission 02 in Starfield

Listening to Emergency Transmission 02 in Starfield is a straightforward process, but it requires some exploration and attention to detail. Here are the steps to listen to Emergency Transmission 02:

1. Explore the Universe:

  • Begin your journey in Starfield by exploring the vast universe. Engage in space travel, visit different planets and celestial bodies, and seek out unique locations.

2. Keep an Ear Out:

  • As you explore, pay close attention to any audio cues or visual prompts that indicate the presence of an emergency transmission. These cues can vary, but they are designed to draw your attention.

3. Locate the Transmission Source:

  • Follow the audio or visual cues to locate the source of the emergency transmission. It could be on a planet’s surface, in space, or within a space station or ship. Your ship’s scanners may also assist in pinpointing the source.

4. Initiate the Transmission:

  • Once you have identified the transmission source, approach it and interact with it to initiate the transmission. This interaction may involve pressing a specific button or key as prompted by the game.

5. Listen Carefully:

  • As the transmission plays, listen carefully to the message or audio content. Emergency transmissions often convey critical information, distress signals, or clues related to the game’s narrative.

6. Take Note of Details:

  • While listening to the transmission, take note of any relevant details mentioned. This could include the transmission’s origin, coordinates, references to specific characters or locations, or any hints provided.

7. Follow Up on Clues:

  • Based on the information gleaned from Emergency Transmission 02, consider following up on any clues or leads it provides. This could involve investigating the source of the transmission, seeking out related quests or objectives, or exploring new areas of interest.

8. Check Your Journal:

  • After listening to the transmission, check your in-game journal or quest log. It may have automatically recorded relevant information or created new quest objectives based on the transmission’s content.

Tips for Engaging with Emergency Transmissions

To maximize your experience with emergency transmissions in Starfield, consider the following tips:

1. Always Be Curious:

  • Maintain a curious and explorative mindset while playing Starfield. Emergency transmissions may not always be obvious, so actively seek them out during your travels.

2. Document Important Details:

  • Jarvis Medium said to keep a record of any crucial information or coordinates mentioned in emergency transmissions. Having a digital or physical notepad can be helpful for this purpose.

3. Investigate Unresolved Clues:

  • If an emergency transmission leaves you with unanswered questions or unresolved clues, consider dedicating some of your exploration time to solving these mysteries. You never know what secrets you might uncover.

4. Share Discoveries with NPCs:

  • Engage with NPCs in the game world and share your discoveries related to emergency transmissions. Some characters may have valuable insights, quests, or rewards related to these transmissions.

5. Experiment and Explore:

  • Experiment with different approaches to discovering emergency transmissions. Try visiting different types of locations, engaging in various activities, or interacting with different objects to uncover new transmissions.


Emergency transmissions like Emergency Transmission 02 add depth, mystery, and adventure to the expansive universe of Starfield. Listening to these transmissions can provide critical information, trigger quests, and lead to exciting discoveries. As you embark on your journey through the cosmos, remember to stay attentive, inquisitive, and resourceful, as these qualities will serve you well in uncovering the secrets hidden within the universe of Starfield. Enjoy your adventures, and may the transmissions you encounter guide you to new and thrilling experiences in the game.

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